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BT-FMB Tool Holder

1.Quenching and hardening, high speed and stable
2. High precision
3. High temperature resistance
4.Long life
5. Strong tightening force
6. Strong versatility and easy installation

Product Detail

Tool Holder can fix the milling cutter and stabilize the milling cutter. If there is no milling cutter holder, the milling cutter needs to be directly inserted into the machine tool spindle. During processing, it is only held by the spindle, and the processing accuracy and stability cannot be guaranteed.

The Tool Holder can also transmit the rotational force of the machine tool spindle, allowing the milling cutter to rotate to achieve processing. Therefore, it is very important to match the material selection and manufacturing process of the milling cutter holder with the machine tool spindle. Otherwise, problems such as insufficient transmission force and low processing efficiency will occur.

Various specifications available:

Tool Holder

Tool Holder-1

BT-FMB Tool Holder specification table:

BT-FMB flat milling shank Structural diagram
You can directly inquire about the specific size by email if you need it
Specification Clamping inner hole Specification Clamping inner hole
BT40-FMB22-45 Φ22mm BT50-FMB22-58-250 Φ22mm
BT40-FMB22-60 Φ22mm BT50-FMB22-58-300 Φ22mm
BT40-FMB22-100 Φ22mm BT50-FMB22-58-350 Φ22mm
BT40-FMB22-150 Φ22mm BT50-FMB22-58-400 Φ22mm
BT40-FMB22-200 Φ22mm BT50-FMB27-100 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB27-60 Φ27mm BT50-FMB27-150 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB27-100 Φ27mm BT50-FMB27-200 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB27-150 Φ27mm BT50-FMB27-250 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB27-200 Φ27mm BT50-FMB27-300 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB32-60 Φ32mm BT50-FMB27-350 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB32-100 Φ32mm BT50-FMB27-400 Φ27mm
BT40-FMB32-150 Φ32mm BT50-FMB32-100 Φ32mm
BT40-FMB32-200 Φ32mm BT50-FMB32-150 Φ32mm
BT40-FMB40-100 Φ40mm BT50-FMB32-200 Φ32mm
BT40-FMB40-150 Φ40mm BT50-FMB32-250 Φ32mm
BT40-FMB40-200 Φ40mm BT50-FMB32-300 Φ32mm
BT50-FMB22-48-100 Φ22mm BT50-FMB32-350 Φ32mm
BT50-FMB22-48-150 Φ22mm BT50-FMB32-400 Φ32mm
BT50-FMB22-48-200 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-100 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-48-250 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-150 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-48-300 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-200 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-48-350 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-250 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-48-400 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-300 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-58-100 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-350 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-58-150 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-350 Φ40mm
BT50-FMB22-58-200 Φ22mm BT50-FMB40-400 Φ40mm

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