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Straight Flute Tap For Gold Plating Machines

Material: Carbide/High Speed ​​Steel
Tool Flute Type: Straight
Coating: titanium alloy

Product Detail

1. Strong heat dissipation and good through hole effect
2. It can be tapped to the bottom of the hole without leaving any residue, and the chips can be discharged smoothly and easily enter the bottom, and the cutting effect is good.
3. The thread tap is fully ground, with higher wear resistance and lower friction coefficient.

Model Specification Recommended threaded bottom hole
CJ006 M2*0.4 1.6
M2.5*0.45 2.05
M3*0.5 2.5
M4*0.7 3.3
M5*0.8 4.2
M6*1.0 5
M8*1.25 6.8
M10*1.5 8.5
M12*1.75 10.3
M14*2 12
M16*2 14
M18*2.5 15.5
M20*2.5 17.5

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