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Internal Boring Tool

1. Gold nanocomposite coating greatly improves service life and is highly versatile, suitable for copper, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron
3. Five-axis linkage, one-piece molding, and the entire process is ground by imported five-axis machine tools to ensure high R-angle accuracy.
4. High-precision cutting edge and sharp cutting edge
5. High-quality tungsten steel material improves processing efficiency, is wear-resistant and durable, extends the service life, ensures the processing cycle, and reduces the number of tool changes.

Product Detail

The internal boring tool is a cutting tool specially used to process the internal hole diameter of the workpiece. Commonly used models are as follows, other models can also be customized according to consultation:

Users who do not understand the model can check: Boring Tool Model Analysis Table
Model Picture
MPR MPR-Internal Boring Tool
MUR MUR-Internal Boring Tool
MQR MQR-Internal Boring Tool
MTR-1-RO.05-L4 MPR-2-RO.1-L10 MQR-3-RO.15-L15
MTR-1.5-RO.1-L6 MPR-3-RO.1-L15 MOR-4-RO.15-L15
MTR-2-RO.1-L10 MPR-4-RO.1-L15 MQR-5-R0.20-L22
MTR-3-RO.1-L15 MPR-5-RO.2-L22 MOR-6-R0.20-L22
MTR-4-RO.1-L15 MPR-6-RO.2-L22
MTR-4-RO.1-L22 MTR-8-RO.2-L27
MTR-6-RO.2-L22 MUR-3-RO.05-L10
MTR-6-R0.2-L30 MUR-4-RO.1-L15
MTR-8-RO.2-L22 MUR-5-RO.15-L22
MTR-8-RO.2-L32 MUR-6-RO.15-L22

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