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3 Flute End Mill Long-Flute

Material Tungsten steel/carbide
Whether to support customization YES
Hrc 56°
Flute 3
Suitable for aluminum

Product Detail

The length of the end mill directly determines the depth that can be cut during processing. Therefore, the longer the length of the end mill, the deeper the processing depth. However, it is also prone to swing and vibration during processing, which affects the processing accuracy and surface quality. In addition, too long a tool length can also cause the tool to twist and deform, and even break in severe cases. Therefore, in actual processing, it is necessary to select a end mill of appropriate length according to the specific situation. The extended long flute end mill head can be used to process workpieces with larger depths.

3flute extended flute milling cutter for aluminum

Extended Long Flute End Mill for aluminum specification table:

Specifications Flute Diameter(mm) Flute  Length(mm) Shank Diameter(mm) Overall Length(mm)
D1*5*D4*50L 1 5 4 50
D1*6*D4*50L 1 6 4 50
D1.5*6*D4*50L 1.5 6 4 50
D1.5*8*D4*50L 1.5 8 4 50
D2*8*D4*50L 2 8 4 50
D2*10*D4*50L 2 10 4 50
D2*12*D4*50L 2 12 4 50
D3*12*D4*50L 3 12 4 50
D3*15*D4*50L 3 15 4 50
D4*16*D4*50L 4 16 4 50

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