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Single Tooth Thread End Mill VS. Three Teeth

Thread mill is a tool used for milling threads and spiral grooves. In machining, it is widely used in automobile parts, aviation parts, electronic components and other fields. According to different structural forms, thread milling cutters can be divided into two types: single teeth and three teeth.

3 teeth end mill
3 Teeth Thread End Mill

Single Tooth Thread End Mill

The difference between single teeth and three teeth
1. Cutting efficiency
The cutting efficiency of a single tooth is relatively low, mainly because the single tooth tool has only one cutting edge, and the force is uneven during the cutting process, which easily causes vibration, thereby reducing the processing efficiency. The three-thread tool has many cutting edges and is evenly distributed, so it is not prone to vibration, so the cutting efficiency is higher.
2. Application scenarios
Single thread is suitable for situations where the processing surface finish is not high, such as some general thread processing. Three teeth are suitable for thread and spiral groove processing that require high surface flatness and smoothness.
3. Processing accuracy
Since three-thread cutting tools are more precise, they are more common in machining situations that require higher precision. Due to the small number of cutting edges of single-thread tools, it is difficult to ensure machining accuracy.
3. Summary

The above is the difference between single thread and three threads of thread milling cutter. When choosing to use it, you need to choose the appropriate tool according to the processing needs. For general thread processing, you can choose a single-thread tool. For processing situations with higher requirements, such as thread and spiral groove processing that require high surface finish, flatness and precision, you need to use a three-thread tool to improve processing efficiency. and processing quality.

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