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T-slot Milling Cutters HRC56°

1. Made of carbide\tungsten steel material, wear-resistant and durable
2. The coating has colorful and nano-bronze to increase the service life.
3. Complete specifications, customizable, and cheap price
4. Fast cutting, smooth chip removal, no damage to the plate
5. High-frequency welding, seamless and not easy to break
6. Universal round handle has strong applicability and firm clamping
7. Can be processed with steel, aluminum and other materials
9. Processing of T-shaped grooves and side grooves of cutting workpieces
10. Applicable machine tools: drilling and milling machines, machining centers


How to ensure T-slot milling cutters with accuracy and efficiency?

Can T-slot milling cutters directly process T-shaped slots?

Product Detail

T-slot Milling Cutters includes a cutter head and a cutter shank. The outer contour of the cutter head is cylindrical, and the cutter shank is cylindrical. The top end of the cutter head is connected to the bottom end of the cutter shank, and the cutter head and the cutter shank are on the same central axis. There are a plurality of spiral cutter teeth distributed on the circumference of the head, and large-capacity chip flutes are provided between the cutter teeth. Features: The outer cylindrical milling cutter design can solve the problems of machining vibration and workpiece deformation caused by existing thin-walled groove processing. Supplemented by a large chip flute, it can achieve rapid processing of thin-walled grooves and improve thin-walled grooves. The groove processing accuracy and efficiency are high, and the structure is simple and compact.

The specific sizes are as follows. Customization services of other sizes can also be accepted:

D2*0.5H*D4*50L*4F D4*0.5H*D4*50L*4F D6*0.5H*D6*50L*4F D8*0.5H*D8*60L*4F D10*0.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*0.5H*D12*60L*4F
D2*0.6H*D4*50L*4F D4*0.6H*D4*50L*4F D6*0.6H*D6*50L*4F D8*0.6H*D8*60L*4F D10*0.6H*D10*60L*4F D12*0.6H*D12*60L*4F
D2*0.7H*D4*50L*4F D4*0.7H*D4*50L*4F D6*0.7H*D6*50L*4F D8*0.7H*D8*60L*4F D10*0.7H*D10*60L*4F D12*0.7H*D12*60L*4F
D2*0.8H*D4*50L*4F D4*0.8H*D4*50L*4F D6*0.8H*D6*50L*4F D8*0.8H*D8*60*4F D10*0.8H*D10*60L*4F D12*0.8H*D12*60L*4F
D2*0.9H*D4*50L*4F D4*0.9H*D4*50L*4F D6*0.9H*D6*50L*4F D8*0.9H*D8*60L*4F D10*0.9H*D10*60L*4F D12*0.9H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.0H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.0H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.0H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.1H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.1H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.1H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.1H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.1H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.1H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.2H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.2H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.2H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.2H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.2H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.2H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.3H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.3H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.3H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.3H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.3H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.3H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.4H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.4H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.4H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.4H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.4H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.4H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.5H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.5H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.5H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.5H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.5H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.6H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.6H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.6H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.6H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.6H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.6H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.7H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.7H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.7H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.7H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.7H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.7H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.8H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.8H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.8H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.8H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.8H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.8H*D12*60L*4F
D2*1.9H*D4*50L*4F D4*1.9H*D4*50L*4F D6*1.9H*D6*50L*4F D8*1.9H*D8*60L*4F D10*1.9H*D10*60L*4F D12*1.9H*D12*60L*4F
D2*2.0H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.0H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.0H*D12*60L*4F
D3*0.5H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.1H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.1H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.1H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.1H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.1H*D12*60L*4F
D3*0.6H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.2H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.2H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.2H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.2H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.2H*D12*60L*4F
D3*0.7H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.3H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.3H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.3H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.3H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.3H*D12*60L*4F
D3*0.8H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.4H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.4H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.4H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.4H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.4H*D12*60L*4F
D3*0.9H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.5H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.5H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.5H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.5H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.0H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.6H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.6H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.6H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.6H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.6H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.1H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.7H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.7H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.7H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.7H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.7H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.2H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.8H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.8H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.8H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.8H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.8H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.3H*D4*50L*4F D4*2.9H*D4*50L*4F D6*2.9H*D6*50L*4F D8*2.9H*D8*60L*4F D10*2.9H*D10*60L*4F D12*2.9H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.4H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.0H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.0H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.5H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.1H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.1H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.1H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.1H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.1H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.6H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.2H*D4*50-*4F D6*3.2H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.2H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.2H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.2H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.7H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.3H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.3H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.3H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.3H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.3H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.8H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.4H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.4H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.4H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.4H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.4H*D12*60L*4F
D3*1.9H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.5H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.5H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.5H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.5H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.0H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.6H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.6H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.6H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.6H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.6H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.1H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.7H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.7H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.7H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.7H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.7H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.2H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.8H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.8H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.8H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.8H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.8H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.3H*D4*50L*4F D4*3.9H*D4*50L*4F D6*3.9H*D6*50L*4F D8*3.9H*D8*60L*4F D10*3.9H*D10*60L*4F D12*3.9H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.4H*D4*50L*4F D4*4.0H*D4*50L*4F D6*4.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*4.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*4.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*4.0H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.5H*D4*50L*4F D4*4.5H*D4*50L*4F D6*4.5H*D6*50L*4F D8*4.5H*D8*60L*4F D10*4.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*4.5H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.6H*D4*50L*4F D4*5.0H*D4*50L*4F D6*5.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*5.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*5.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*5.0H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.7H*D4*50L*4F D6*6.0H*D6*50L*4F D8*6.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*5.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*5.5H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.8H*D4*50L*4F D8*8.0H*D8*60L*4F D10*6.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*6.0H*D12*60L*4F
D3*2.9H*D4*50L*4F D10*6.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*6.5H*D12*60L*4F
D3*3.0H*D4*50L*4F D10*7.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*7.0H*D12*60L*4F
D10*7.5H*D10*60L*4F D12*7.5H*D12*60L*4F
D10*8.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*8.0H*D12*60L*4F
D10*10.0H*D10*60L*4F D12*10.0H*D12*60L*4F

Usage Precautions:

1. Cutting tools can be used to process hardwood, softwood, and composite boards to create smooth surfaces, but they should avoid processing materials such as copper, iron, and other metal materials, as well as non-wood materials like sand and stone.

2. It is essential to use the appropriately sized chuck. A severely worn chuck, one that is not perfectly round, or a chuck with a tapered hole cannot provide sufficient clamping force.

3. The contact between the cutting tool shank and the chuck should be good. The shank must be fully inserted into the chuck and securely tightened to provide enough clamping force for the tool.

4. Inserting only a small part of the shank into the chuck is not advisable, as it may lead to the shank breaking and cause damage to the tool.

5. After the tool is clamped, if it is found that the tool jumps during operation, the machine should be immediately stopped and the clamping process repeated several times to ensure full contact between the shank and the chuck before resuming work.

6. After use, any resin, wood chips, or other debris on the tool should be cleaned off, and a small amount of machine oil should be applied to prevent the tool's surface from rusting.

7. The operator must wear protective goggles to protect the eyes. When working with the face facing upwards, a protective face shield should be worn.

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