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T slot Corner Radius End Mill 4F HRC56°

Material: solid carbide
HRC: 56
Flute: 4
Coating: Bright/Nano Copper
Can be processed: aluminum, steel, other cast iron materials
Purpose: processing T-shaped grooves and cutting side grooves

Product Detail

Corner Radius End Mills Detailed Dimension Table

D4R0.25*0.5H*D4*50L*4F D6R2.5*5H*D6*50L*4F D10R1.5*3H*D10*60L*4F
D4R0.5*1H*D4*50L*4F D8R0.5*1H*D8*60L*4F D10R2*4H*D10*60L*4F
D4R0.75*1.5H*D4*50L*4F D8R0.75*1.5H*D8*60L*4F D10R3*6H*D10*60L*4F
D4R1*2H*D4*50L*4F D8R1*2H*D8*60L*4F D12R0.5*1H*D12*60L*4F
D4R1.5*3H*D4*50L*4F D8R1.5*3H*D8*60L*4F D12R0.75*1.5H*D12*60L*4F
D6R0.5*1H*D6*50L*4F D8R2*4H*D8*60L*4F D12R1*2H*D12*60L*4F
D6R0.75*1.5H*D6*50L*4F D8R2.5*5H*D8*60L*4F D12R1.5*3H*D12*60L*4F
D6R1*2H*D6*50L*4F D10R0.5*1H*D10*60L*4F D12R2*4H*D12*60L*4F
D6R1.5*3H*D6*50L*4F D10R0.75*1.5H*D10*60L*4F D12R2.5*5H*D12*60L*4F
D6R2*4H*D6*50L*4F D10R1*2H*D10*60*4F D12R3*6H*D12*60L*4F

1. spiral groove has large chip removal capacity
Enhance the wear resistance of the milling cutter, reduce processing burrs, have a higher smoothness, and be less likely to stick to the cutter.
2. The 4Flute sharp edges are strong and durable. The surface is covered with particles, which reduces friction and is more wear-resistant and durable. The four-edged edges are sharp and more durable.
3. Universal chamfered round handle clamps more tightly without slipping
Easy to use, good compatibility, enhanced shock resistance and cutting speed of the milling cutter, tighter clamping without slipping.

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