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Spiral Flute Taps for aluminum

Material: Cobalt-containing high-speed steel
Applicable to: aluminum
Usage: Suitable for drilling machines, tapping machines, automatic machine tools, machining centers, CNC, milling machines and other machines
Standards: Japanese Industrial Standards
Features: High hardness, wear resistance, sharp enough for cutting, can easily cut into the bottom, no chips, no residue.

Product Detail

JIS double-headed Spiral Flute Taps specific specifications table:

Model Specification Recommended threaded bottom hole
CJ008 M2*0.4 1.6
M2.5*0.45 2.1
M3*0.5 2.5
M4*0.7 3.3
M5*0.8 4.2
M6*1.0 5
M8*1.25 6.8
M10*1.5 8.5
M12*1.75 10.3

1, because of the high hardness of machine taps (not recommended for hand use and electric drill tapping)
2, before using the tool, please measure the tool offset, tool offset accuracy of more than 0.01mm, please correct before cutting.
3、The shorter the length of the tool extends out of the chuck, the better, if the tool extends out longer need to reduce the rotational speed, feed speed or cutting volume.
4、If abnormal vibration or sound occurs during cutting, please reduce the speed and cutting volume until the situation improves.
5、Steel cooling by spray and air jet is preferred to improve the effect of tool use.

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