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JIS Cobalt Coated Extrusion Taps (TIN)

Material: HM35 high speed steel + industrial TN coating
Used for processing: plastic deformable metal tapping such as: aluminium, brass, copper, 45# steel, stainless steel 304, etc..
Main target:Genuine TOSG taps

Product Detail

JIS Cobalt Coated Extrusion Taps (TIN) specification sheet:

Model Specification Recommended threaded bottom hole
CJ011 M2*0.4 1.8
M2.5*0.45 2.3
M3*0.5 2.75
M4*0.7 3.65
M5*0.8 4.6
M6*1 5.5
M8*1.25 7.4
M10*1.5 9.3
M12*1.75 11.2

Problem: The tap is broken;
Reason: When the tap destroys the bottom hole of the thread, the diameter of the bottom hole is too small, resulting in poor chip removal and chip blockage; when the thread cannot pass, the depth of the hole is not enough; when tapping the thread, the cutting speed is too high and too fast; used for The diameters of the tapping tap and the thread bottom hole are different; the tapping parameters are inappropriate and the workpiece hardness is unstable; the tap is used for too long and is excessively worn.
Method: Correctly select the diameter of the tap and the diameter of the threaded bottom hole; select the inclination angle of the sharpened edge or spiral groove; the drilling depth should meet the specified standards; appropriately reduce the cutting speed and select the standard; when tapping the threaded hole, deal with Calibrate the faucet and the bottom to ensure that its coaxiality meets the requirements, and use a floating tapping chuck; increase the taper rake angle and shorten the taper length; ensure that the hardness of the workpiece meets the requirements, and use a safety chuck; the faucet should be replaced in time for wear and tear

Problem: Tap chipped;
Reasons: The taper angle is too large; the thickness is too large; the quenching hardness of the tap is too high; the tap is used for too long and is severely worn.
Method: appropriately reduce the taper and front taper angle; appropriately increase the length of the cutting taper; reduce the hardness and replace the tap in time

Problem: The tap is sharpened too quickly;
Reasons: The cutting speed is too fast when the tap is ground too fast; the tapping sharpening parameters are inappropriate; the cutting fluid is improperly selected and the cutting fluid is insufficient; the material hardness of the workpiece is too high; when the tap becomes sharp, burns will occur.
Method: The tap wears too fast, the cutting speed is appropriately reduced; the taper rake angle is reduced, and the cutting taper length is lengthened; select lubricating oil with good lubricity; perform appropriate heat treatment on the workpiece; and the tap has been sharpened correctly.
For problems that occur with automatic tapping machines, find out the cause of the problem and its solution. Only by "prescribing the right medicine" can we ensure its accuracy and stability.

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