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Carbide Spiral Taps

Thread Standard: Metric Coarse
Material: Tungsten steel/tungsten carbide
Can it be customized: OK
When tapping, insert the tap first so that the center line of the tap is consistent with the center line of the drill hole.
Rotate the tap evenly with both hands and apply slight pressure to advance the tap. There is no need to apply more pressure after advancing.
Each time the tap is turned, reverse it by about 45° to cut off the chips to avoid clogging.
If the tap is difficult to rotate, do not increase the rotation force, otherwise the tap will break.

Product Detail

carbide spiral taps are mostly used for drilling blind holes in CNC machining centers. They have fast processing speed, high precision, good chip removal, and good alignment. Suitable for processing through holes and blind holes. Different helix angles can cope with different materials, and the cutting is good.

The specific parameters of the carbide spiral taps we provide are shown in the table below:

Specification Pitch(mm) Flute Length(mm) Overall Length(mm) Shank Diameter(mm)
M1.4*0.3 0.3 6 42 3
M1.6*0.35 0.35 8 42 3
M1.7*0.35 0.35 8 42 3
M1.8*0.35 0.35 9 42 3
M2.0*0.4 0.4 10 42 3
M2.5*0.45 0.45 11 52 4
M3.0*0.5 0.5 11 52 4
M3.5*0.6 0.6 12 55 5
M4.0*0.7 0.7 13 60 5
M5.0*0.8 0.8 15 65 6
M6.0*1 1 16 73 6.2
M8.0*1 1 18 73 6.2
M8.0*1.25 1.25 18 75 8
M10*1 1 21 75 8
M10*1.25 1.25 21 75 8
M10*1.5 1.5 21 83 9
M12*1.25 1.25 25 83 9
M12*1.5 1.5 25 83 9
M12*1.75 1.75 26 90 10.5
M14*1.5 1.5 26 90 10.5
M14*2 2 26 98 12.5
M16*1.5 1.5 29 98 12.5
M16*2 2 29 100 14


1. The tap rotates poorly or stops midway.
Check whether the oil is applied correctly, whether the cold treatment is about to be completed, whether there is insufficient drilling, and whether the following drill bits with different configurations have appropriate edge angles and included angles.
2. Tap breakage
If the tap breaks, first check whether the hardness of the tap is too low, whether the pressure and speed should be reduced, and whether the drill should be used to drill holes in advance to reduce the workload of the tap.
3. What questions should be noted before use?
Before using a tap, a guide hole should be drilled into the workpiece and lubricating oil should be injected to facilitate the smooth entry of the tap into the workpiece and reduce cutting resistance. At the same time, pay attention to the direction of force application to avoid tap breakage or workpiece damage due to improper force direction.
4. How to maintain
After using the spiral tap, cleaning, edge protection and lubricating oil addition should be carried out in time. In addition, it is best to store threaded taps separately and avoid mixing or hitting them with other tools to prevent the cutting edge from becoming dull.
5. What materials can be used to process
Blind hole processing of steel, cast iron, aluminum and non-ferrous materials
6. Our advantages
Direct sales from Chinese source manufacturers, cheap prices

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