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2Flute high speed steel Point Drill

Shank Diameter:3mm-20mm  (Other sizes can be customized)

Coating: TiSiN coating
Product name: 2Flute fixed point drill
Drill tip angle:90°
Applicable materials: copper, stainless steel, cast iron, tool steel, alloy steel, graphite, plastic composite materials, etc. Applicable machines: CNC machining center, engraving machine, precision engraving machine and other high-speed machines

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Product Detail

2Flute high speed steel Point Drill specification table:

Specification Flute Diameter(mm) Drill tip angle Shank Diameter(mm) Overall Length(mm)
D3*90°*50L*2F 3 90° 3 50
D4*90°*55L*2F 4 4 55
D5*90°*60L*2F 5 5 60
D6*90°*65L*2F 6 6 65
D8*90°*80L*2F 8 8 80
D10*90°*90L*2F 10 10 90
D12*90°*100L*2F 12 12 100
D14*90°*105L*2F 14 14 105
D16*90°*125L*2F 16 16 125
D20*90°*130L*2F 20 20 130

Installation Precautions:
Before drilling, use a center drill to drill an initial hole with a depth of 1-2 times the diameter to ensure the accuracy of drilling with ordinary drills, and reserve chamfers for the tap to facilitate the tap processing. . (This center drill can only drill points (fixed points) and chamfers, never drill holes). Fixed-point drilling is suitable for high-speed, long-term drilling, dry processing, etc. before drilling. The apex angle of the drill tip of the fixed-point drill should be equal to or greater than the apex angle of the micro drill of the final hole (if the apex angle of the center drill is small, when the micro drill subsequently cuts in, the two cutting edges will contact the workpiece before the tip, which may easily cause edge chipping)

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