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Alloy Spiral Reamer

Material: Tungsten steel/tungsten carbide
Suitable for processing steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal materials
Flute: 4/6
Support non-standard customization

High-strength and large-capacity spiral chip removal groove with efficient chip removal/rapid heat dissipation
One-piece formed spiral, universal, durable and durable

Product Detail

Alloy Spiral Reamer  is a rotating tool with one or more teeth that is used to remove a thin layer of metal on the surface of a processed hole. The reamer is a rotating finishing tool with a straight or spiral edge and is used to expand or repair holes.

Specification Table:

Specification Flute Diameter(mm) Flute  Length(mm) Overall Length(mm) Flute Tolerance
D2*15*50L*4F-H7 2 15 50 4 7
D3*20*50L*4F-H7 3 20 50 4 7
D4*25*50L*4F-H7 4 25 50 4 7
D5*30*60L*4F-H7 5 30 60 4 7
D6*30*60L*6F-H7 6 30 60 6 7
D8*40*75L*6F-H7 8 40 75 6 7
D10*40*75L*6F-H7 10 40 75 6 7
D10*50*100L*6F-H7 10 50 100 6 7
D12*40*75L*6F-H7 12 40 75 6 7
D12*50*100L*6F-H7 12 50 100 6 7

Solemn reminder:
When machine reaming, the hole must be stopped after the reamer exits the hole. The machined hole is affected by the size of the reamer, the material properties of the clamping method, the runout of the tool holder and the machine tool, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to test the hole before batch drilling.
Instructions for use:
1、Before using the tool, please measure the tool deflection. If the tool deflection accuracy exceeds 0.01mm, please correct it before cutting.
2、The shorter the length of the tool protruding from the chuck, the better. If the tool protrudes longer, the rotation speed, feed speed or cutting amount need to be reduced.
3、During cutting, if abnormal vibration or sound occurs, please reduce the speed and cutting amount until the situation improves.

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